Regular preventative maintenance is the best way to get the longest life out of your air conditioning system and to keep it running at peak performance. Maintenance can help reduce electricity consumption and costly repairs. Plus they keep your manufacture warranty in good standing. We have our VIP Club that includes up to (3) maintenances two times a year at one low monthly cost of $13.95 per system with an additional 10% discount on all repairs. Check out our VIP Club page, contact us today to join and start saving!

Why do you need a preventative maintenance?

  • Less Breakdowns - Will extend the life or your parts and save you from costly repairs.
  • Save Money- Safe up to 60% of operating expense by keeping the system properly maintained.
  • Runs Longer- Will extend the overall life or your system.
  • Warranty - Manufactures require you to have preventative maintenance to the warranty.
  • Comfort - Keeping your system running at peak performance increases the overall comfort in your home.

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